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Coxinhas - Boteco Size 4 Oz

$ 4.99

THE MOST POPULAR Brazilian snack :)

Coxinha is traditionally stuffed with shredded chicken, a croquette shaped like a chicken thigh, Aline Spellmeier has created this special dough and also makes her own cheese, blending 5 different cheeses perfecting the coxinha to one culinary experience. Hand rolled, breaded, and deep-fried to golden color.

Pioneer of this type of menu @ Local San Diego farmers markets and @ Rock in Rio Las Vegas.


* Mini coxinhas: are sold by hundreds (100 units) for Cater orders call 619-300-1832 or 808-265-1954

* Mediam-3 Oz size is sold by order (um pouco menor que boteco)

* Large-4 Oz Boteco size is sold by unit at Farmers Markets / Music Festivals like Rock in Rio (tamanho boteco)